Friday, October 28, 2011

Review #16: Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

I adore Meg Cabot. The Princess Diaries was my favorite series when I was younger, and I read every single YA book she wrote back in my early teens. I sort of forgot about her, until I was at the library and I noticed a whole bunch of her books in the Adult section of the library. Meg Cabot writes grown-up books?!?! And so I picked one at random and proceeded to read it all in a matter of hours.

Size 12 Is Not Fat is classic Cabot. She's practically trademarked the insecure, quirky, down-to-earth female narrator, and although Heather Wells (the narrator) sounds exactly like Mia Thermopolis, the star of the Princess Diaries, it doesn't get old. I could read Cabot's writing all day--it's easy, funny, and sweet.

This book tells the story of Heather, a Britney-esque former teen-pop sensation who quit show business after her boyfriend (the book's version of a Justin Timberlake) cheats on her. She now works as an RA in a dorm building at a huge university in New York City, trying to blend in. She also lives with her ex's brother, a sexy private detective on whom she has an enormous crush. On top of this, freshman girls are showing up dead in the dorm's elevator shaft. Heather sets out to find out who the culprit is.

Cabot is not a great mystery writer, but she doesn't really pretend to be. The murderer is obvious from really early on (I honestly think I figured it out less than 50 pages in) and so there's not a ton of suspense. But it's such an enjoyable read that it doesn't really matter. Heather is funny and smart and a great character--again, the kind of girl that would make a great best friend.

So this is another of those mindless, fluffy reads that simply makes you happy. Definitely recommended to fans of Cabot, or fans of good chick-lit in general.

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